I work with people in a few different ways:

  • $78/hour - Editorial and conscious communication work with deep spiritual grounding to support your clearest possible energetic transmission via text in any format. Working with me in these capacity, you'll receive powerful energetic transmission as we align your text to your truth and clear out the static--both in your writing and in your belief system (if you're open to it).
  • $250/90min -- Reflection Session -- This is kind of like life-coaching: I listen to you and reflect what I perceive, filtering your shared life experience through my own understanding and then making suggestions about how you might shift your perspective (and actions!) to create a meaningful change in your reality. When purchasing a 90-minute session, you have the option of splitting it into two 45-minute sessions if you so choose. Can be done virtually or, if you live in New York, on a walk in the park together.
  • $780/month -  This is for highly personalized, ongoing, one-on-one work with me of the coaching variety.

To learn more about working with me, please send me an email with the service you're currently interested in to tyla@tylafowler.com // Flexible payment options available on a case-by-case basis as it feels aligned.

If you're interested in working with me in some capacity not listed here, please let me know. I am open and available to meet your needs as I'm able, and I'm definitely interested in new and exciting opportunities to learn and grow my self!