In May 2016, my best friend Sally and I co-created and launched a podcast. I was coming up on the one-year anniversary of losing my job, which, when it happened, was “the worst thing that ever happened,” and I wanted to commemorate the occasion. One afternoon, while folding laundry and binging podcasts, the inspiration arrived: A YEAR AGO TODAY. A PODCAST. It was gold.

I told Sally immediately, and like any best friend does, she said, "That's a great idea! I'll help you! We'll do it together! It's because of her that this podcast got made, and got made it did. We launched a beautiful show, learned how to co-host, and did a lot of troubleshooting. We were in our glory. We made the thing. Consistently. For over a year! Then, in June 2017, we went on a little break. We felt a big up-level coming, and we were receiving the guidance "allow space." So we did. Before you know it, our planned three-month break had stretched out into 2018, and I'd begun to doubt if we were ever coming back.

In mid-march 2018, everything changed, as I took up the mantle of a solo host. If you want to know more about that, listen to "Season 2 - A Prelude" in the podcast feed.

It’s now mid-October 2018, and we’ve just wrapped Season 2, with an exciting Season 3 set to begin airing early November. The show continues to grow and change, and I’m so excited to share with you what’s next.

68 Episodes in, and we’re just getting started! Stay tuned. Find us anywhere podcasts are found by searching “A Year Ago Today…”