I intend for this to serve you.

So far, the energy in 2017 has felt so juicy and ripe. For the first time in a long time, I feel “all in.” To be honest, “all in” (with myself, with my business, with my relationship to God) is a place I’ve been trying to be for quite some time. And, I’ve been scared to go there.

What do I mean by “all in”? In a practical sense, I mean moving through your life with the FULL power of intentionality.

Intentionality. That’s a loaded concept, isn’t it? We talk A LOT about intention and intentionality in the world of personal growth. Despite how often that word is thrown around, I think it’s often misunderstood. To truly understand something, we must get close enough to see it clearly. And not just kinda close. We need to get intimate.

In the past, I’ve kept intention at arms length, because in order to truly embrace the power of intention, you require to put your heart on the line. You have to be in that believing place. You know, all in. I think a lot of us are moving through life, flirting with intention, and yet, never getting truly intimate. Never close enough to get burned.

Even me. I've gotten really good at putting some gorgeous words together and labeling it as my intention. And yet, even when I have really meant those words, I've only meant them with about 5/8 of my heart.

Spoiler alert: this kind of just-barely-more-than-half-hearted intention setting is not super powerful. At least not when we consider the full scope of the power that’s available to us within a heartfelt connection to our intentions.

So why do we shy away? I can speak only for myself here, and yet, I feel that this might resonate.  I haven’t gotten really intimate with intention because I’ve been terrified of disappointment. To put the full weight of my desire behind my requests to the universe? To experience let down and disappointment if I perceive that my intention has not been carried out? To come to the conclusion that all this abundant universe talk is bullshit? That God isn't real? I've not been willing to risk that. Until now.

So what’s changed? Well, lately, I’ve been grounding pretty intensely into the truth of an abundant universe. I’ve been consciously willing myself to find evidence of the truth that we can summon source energy at will to fulfill our desires. And though I’ve not mastered it quite yet, evidence is showing up. Something big has shifted.

I’m beginning to believe. And I don't mean, "Yeah, God might be real..." I mean, "HOLY SHIT. This shit is REAL." I've had more than a few experiences now that have left me feeling more excited about getting closer to god than I feel scared about finding out there's nothing there.

Now, back to intention. I'm ready to get intimate.

The truly great thing is that we don’t require to be 100% sure of an abundant universe before we begin moving closer to true intentionality. Like most things, we can start before we feel “ready.”

As long as your belief in abundance outweighs (even just a tiny bit) your fear that abundance isn’t real, you are ready.

So how do we make movement toward intentionality?

We ask ourselves: can I trust myself enough to identify my truest desires around this thing and name them? Can I trust myself to infuse my desire fully into my experience, even without knowing the outcome? Can I name what I want to receive in the full belief that I will receive exactly what I’ve asked for or something even better? Even if it doesn't look how I think it will right now?

Just today, I’ve decided: yes. I do trust myself that much. And with that simple decision, I’m doing things differently. And THAT is the other incredible thing. When you put full and powerful intention behind your actions, the actions themselves may not change, and yet, the way you experience things will.

For instance, there’s a 40-day prosperity meditation I’ve used before. In the past, I approached it like something I thought might support me. I also approached it like a chore. Shocker: In that energy, I never managed to make it through the 40 days. I think I got to 38 one time. And? I don’t feel like I received THAT much from the experience of the meditation, despite the fact that I KNOW it’s powerful. Even when I did 38 days. Why? I wasn’t tapping into the full power of my intention.

Yesterday, a few soul sisters and I decided to begin again. This morning, moving into day one of forty of this prosperity meditation, I allowed myself a few moments to truly feel into the energy of abundance. To feel into my deepest and truest desire for how this meditation will serve me on my path. And now, I’m owning it, through my intention:

“It is my commitment to explore all that is available to me within a 40-day commitment to myself and to my relationship with abundance. I choose to show up to this meditation daily from a place of presence and deep gratitude, allowing the words to permeate my being, lift my vibration, and strengthen my knowledge and understanding of the truth that divine abundance is always operating in my life. I see the evidence everywhere at all times, and I experience heartfelt connection with the energy of abundance through my sacred breath and movement. I relax and allow. I celebrate and receive. I AM abundance. This. Or something even better. For the highest good of all concerned. So be it.”

So. Be. It.

One strong intention later, and I already feel differently inside my relationship to abundance. THAT is the power of intention. I've shifted into alignment with the experience I want to receive, simply through fully owning my desire and allowing myself to feel and communicate it's core energy.

I invite you, dear hearts. Come with me into a deeper relationship with intention. Where have you been holding your intention and the fullness of your desires at arms length? Will you commit to inching closer with me? No. Screw "inching." I want to jump in together. I know it can feel scary. And? I believe.