Are we there yet???

I believe that anything is possible for my life. I believe that I will absolutely get where I'm going, and that even though I don't know where that is, it's somewhere wonderful. It's taken awhile to get here...and from where I'm standing, I believe these things with all my heart.

I realized this afternoon however that I have also been believing that while big change can and does happen, it takes a long time. That while things are getting better without a doubt, it's a slow process, requiring years of dedication and "hard work."

I realize now that this belief--that big change takes a long time--feels disheartening. Personally, I have a hard time getting motivated to take action when the realization of my desires feels so far away. And yet, deep down, I know: huge change can happen in a split second. I can't even begin to count the number of times the course of my life has changed in one singular, synchronistic moment.

And so, I'm releasing my old belief about change, and moving forward, I intend to ground more deeply into the truth that huge miracles can and do happen in a moment's time. I'm opening to receiving lessons through joy and pleasure that powerfully reinforce my belief in this truth.

I invite you to do the same.

Until more of us make this shift into knowing that our human understanding of time does not apply to how miracles work, we'll continue to manifest the paradigm of massive change taking a long time. And with the current climate in America (and the world), we can't afford that.

Where are you believing that the change you want to see is currently out of reach? And more importantly, what evidence from your own life have you received indicating that massive change can happen in an instant? Will you open yourself to receiving more of this truth?

ps - After writing this, upon the re-read, I saw "We can't afford that," and went, "Oh no! Don't say that! Scarcity!" So, to be clear, it is all perfect and we can take however long we like as a species to get back to a state of oneness. Preferably, I'd like to hurry it up, and while we can afford it, I don't think we should wait, so I'm leaving the language alone. Maybe I'll trigger someone else's scarcity in a way that lights a fire under his/her ass